Time with the Cowells

June 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
We (all the people) have missed out on quite a bit in the past three months. Really special milestones, opportunities to say hello and also goodbye. Our relationships have been challenged, our priorities rocked, finances may be scary, even traditions uprooted. But I wonder, as many have, could we also note a few things from this season that we woul...
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For the Love of February

February 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
If January 2020 was record-breaking for longest month in history, feeling like 32 weeks at least, February 2020 must have its own superlative beyond literally being the shortest. Did a whole month even happen? Perhaps it is simply the juxtaposition that’s to blame for my current state of whiplash, or the gazillion meetings that popped up last week.
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Slow-it-down Sunday

January 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Today is slow-it-down-sister Sunday. I named it myself. Sunday is getting a bad rap in my house, and I’m sad about that. So today I’m going to start fresh because the little motivational sign in my kitchen says “Believe in fresh starts and new beginnings.” But as we all know, believing in something is one thing; putting it into action is another. T...
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January 24, 2020  •  1 Comment
Of all the rooms in my house, I probably spend the most time in my kitchen. This is the place where the nurturing happens. It’s the first stop of the day, everyday: specific coffee cup selection and the morning fill up. It is here where the meals are cooked and plated or packed in lunch bags. The pet fish lives on the counter. The dog’s food and wa...
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Om Grown Yoga

January 24, 2020  •  2 Comments
I like to think there are pivotal moments in life that propel us forward into new stages and phases that we didn’t quite predict would happen, especially not now - especially not me. I have those classic moments in my life, as do you: college acceptances, equal parts of both gained loves and lost loves, lost loved ones, first careers and homes, mar...
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