Hello, Baby!

September 07, 2020

24D5F848-0B7B-4476-8F4B-E93E184692F3_1_201_a24D5F848-0B7B-4476-8F4B-E93E184692F3_1_201_a In the midst of uncertain times and nerve-wracking preparations for school, August still brought absolutely beautiful photos to my camera! I am full of gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had to peek in on life and miracles and celebrations of love.  Reflecting on each gallery reminds me that God is still here and still good.  And what better way to begin a period of photo sharing than with the miracle of new life?


Michelle and Will are superheroes (as are ALL you mommas and daddas bringing babies into the world during a pandemic)!  Michelle reached out weeks ahead of sweet baby Addison’s arrival since baby hospital photos have been paused for now. Inspired by her commitment to freeze time with her tiny girl anyway, I agreed to keep a little distance and capture a lifestyle view into their world of being mom and dad for the first time.  



One week old Addison Rae absolutely took my breath away.  I found myself trying hard to remember how gently I cared for my own firstborn in those first few days of life, long before you’re able to toss a toddler up in the air for giggles, or tickle attack and chase around the house, long before time-outs are needed.  Addison’s room was so peaceful and quiet.  Sleeping away in her tiny bassinet, she was an absolute dream.  It was such an honor to watch Michelle tiptoe around the room, gathering special hats, bows, and mementos to include in the photos.



My favorite thing Michelle and Will have figured out already?  Baby Addison loves to be warm. This sweet girl snoozed the entire time because Dad knew exactly how to snuggle her back up each time she moved. Another rockstar Dad move?  Taking care of Mom.  The dim nursery lighting could not hide how smitten Will is with his ladies. 



Can we peek at this momma?  Who is this lovely after recovering for just one week?  Michelle, you are magic. 



Baby Addison is now ALREADY one month old. Yes, sweet new parents, time is cruel.  But there is SO much fun ahead. Each and every phase brings something even more sweet.  Each challenge you conquer will lead to the next one right on its heels.  And you will do it all because you were made for it. I pray that these photos will remind you (and all of us) that blessings are abundant, even now.

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Congratulations, sweet family!



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