Bless the seniors

November 22, 2020



I love finding a tiny few moments that make the world seem not so strange. Look at this one, y’all!  THIS is a high school senior still doing her thing.

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Earlier in the fall, Anne Preston and her lovely momma spent two hours wandering with me around Belle Isle.  We caught the most beautiful evening and also a dozen other seniors, couples, and families who had the same idea!  It was an incredibly neat feeling to be among other RVA photographers working the evening sunset and the beautiful river backdrop. 

AP is bright and beautiful and shared so much perspective with me as we chatted about the new version of a senior year. I’m continually impressed by students lately.  If we, the grownups, ever have a second, or 5,000 seconds, when we pause and think “how is this happening,” just imagine the almost-grown ups.  This is not quite what they imagined. 

But AP gives me hope.  Seeing her in her SWEET Monacan gown filled my bucket.  It screamed to me that life is still propelling forward.  I have to admit; however, my favorite shots of this gal were when she changed into what I imagine is her usual attire. Denim and a cozy sweater.  She is ready for the real life. 

DSC_0403DSC_0403 DSC_0383DSC_0383 DSC_0394DSC_0394 DSC_0416DSC_0416 DSC_0447DSC_0447

Let me take a moment to wonder, how do the seniors look so grown up these days?  I considered inserting a high school picture of myself here, but nah.  I’m pretty sure I looked 12 years old all the way through graduation.  Does anyone else have high school pictures of your grandmas or great-grandmas?  Also dashingly gorgeous grown up looking women.  Skipped a generation maybe?

DSC_0557DSC_0557 DSC_0565DSC_0565 DSC_0627DSC_0627 DSC_0653DSC_0653 DSC_0672DSC_0672 DSC_0676DSC_0676 DSC_0698DSC_0698



Seniors, we see you.  We see your senioritis that has started earlier than usual.  We see your uncertainties, and we see you carrying on anyway.  We see you figuring out where you stand and tuning out when you need to.  For whatever reason, you were designed for this moment, and we’re here for you.


Teachers, bless our hearts.  I know it’s a hustle right now.  Never before has it been more apparent to me how different of an experience is sitting behind each desk space in our classrooms (or online).  What a big job to teach the fractions and also protect from disease and also cultivate good and fair and kind humans.  But hang in there. Building an airplane while we’re flying it?  Yup.  But somehow, we’ll do it.  We always do. For AP and all her friends, hang in there.  Pre-K teachers and all the way up, hang in there.  As Hamilton is playing in my head...history has its eyes on us.


Parents.  Whew.  Oh, I’m with you in this boat, too, but I’m thankful that my babies are mostly too young to understand it all. I have no wisdom here.  Maybe give more love than usual?  Be more patient than usual?  Keep breathing. Pray a whole heck of a lot.  To my sweet friend and mom of this beautiful gal, Jane you’re amazing. Write us a book, please.


AP.  You GO, girl.  We are cheering for you!



Stay safe, my friends, and say a quick prayer for our high school seniors today.  Lost for words?  None better than a tradition still dear to my heart...

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

the rain fall soft upon your fields,

and until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of his hand.




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