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Oh, friends. We did it! We made it through 2020, and here we are in the aftermath, picking up the pieces, holding the pieces, carrying on anyway and just because.  




I'm still here. I am full of pride and joy as I look back at my Client Gallery pages from 2020, proof that there was still love and light.  And there was still YOU, prioritizing making memories with your special people.  I vote that we keep doing that.  Everyday. What can you expect to see here?  The journey is still happening.  Between pandemic mommy-ing and pandemic elementary school teaching, my camera is still at the ready.  Photography keeps me brave.  I'm enjoying the ride, educating myself, and keeping an eye on the beautiful photographers that are sharing talents all over this area.  Best thing I've learned?  Keep saying yes, keep pushing the limits, trust my cheerleaders, and look for light everywhere - even the smallest bit.  


I am here.  Reach out. 


With Gratitude,